The Ultimate Celebration Pack

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Give the perfect birthday gift to the wine aficionado in your life with our Ultimate Celebration Pack. This exclusive bundle features our sleek Electric Wine Opener available in chrome or gold, which you can personalise with a free custom engraving. Alongside the opener, it includes our Accessories Collection, a beautiful gift bag, a complimentary birthday card AND free shipping!

The Accessories Collection features our 3 best-selling accessories:

  • The innovative Pop Stop, designed to keep Champagne or Prosecco bubbly and fresh for up to 3 days with it's airtight seal.
  • The Dribbler, which prevents red wine spills on tablecloths and worktops, safeguarding your fabrics from stains.
  • The Aerator for enhanced wine flavor.

Personalise the Wine Opener with a custom engraving message at no extra cost, adding a unique and personal touch to your gift.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping within Ireland and the UK is between 2 - 3 working days. Please allow up to 8 working days for shipping outside Ireland and the UK.

You may return unused and un-personalised merchandise for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. All Wine Openers come with a 1 year warranty. Shipping and processing fees cannot be refunded. 

You can view our full shipping & returns policy here.

Founded by an Irish Mother & Daughter Duo

Their goal was to make savoring a glass of wine effortless and enjoyable, just as it should be. They created The Wine Opener and accompanying accessories, all designed to transform the way we open, pour, and savor our favorite wines.

The Wine Opener is an embodiment of the joy and togetherness that sharing a bottle of wine can bring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use normal batteries in the wine opener?

Yes you can but its not recommended as the rechargeable batteries that come with the product are stronger and made for the device.

Can I travel through the airport with The Wine Opener in my hand luggage?

Yes, remove the batteries from the device and treat it like all other electrical items. The corkscrew is concealed; this is why you can bring it through security. Remember not to gift wrap it, you will not be able to remove the batteries and it will be taken from you.

Can I use The Wine Opener on champagne or prosecco?

No please do not use The Wine Opener on Champagne or Prosecco bottles as the device will break and will not be covered under warranty.

How can I remove the cork from The Wine Opener when I've opened my wine?

You need to place The Wine Opener at a 90 degree angle for it to feed out. If the cork gets stuck (this can happen if the device is not placed in the center of the cork) please use a blunt knife to apply pressure and it will release.

Does The Wine Opener come with a warranty?

We offer a 1 year warranty on The Wine Opener for our customers.

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