About Us

The Wine Opener was launched by Sophie & Mary, a mother/daughter duo in 2021. Tired of battling corkscrews, they developed this innovative product to enjoy their evening glass of wine together. Constantly needing Sophie’s help to open a bottle of wine, Mary’s arthritis stirred the duo on to search online for a solution. They quickly saw how much a lightweight, easy to use, rechargeable, gorgeous & affordable wine opener was needed.

Taking matters into their own hands the pair created The Wine
Opener. Now one of life’s simple pleasures, is just that once again

We hope you love our products as much as we loved making them and don’t forget, It’s not good to keep things bottled up

Sophie & Mary x

CEO & Founder


Sophie is the driving force behind the brand. Graduating in 2014 with a BA in Communications from DCU, Sophie brings 8 years experience in brand & digital marketing to The Wine Opener.


Mary is the unofficial Head of Product
Testing. A true Wine Enthusiast but not a wine snob!