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Why Pair Wine With Chocolate?

Why Pair Wine With Chocolate?

Gear up for Easter by embracing two of life's ultimate pleasures: wine and chocolate!

Whether you're unwinding at home or hosting a Sunday feast, discovering the perfect wine to elevate your Easter eggs will enhance the experience. Dive into our curated wine pairings for an unforgettable Easter adventure.


Red Wine

Rich red wine goes best with dark chocolate and Mitchell's Claret it's packed full of vibrant black fruit aromas, blackcurrants and blackberries with a hint of spice.

If you're looking for a wine that's as bold as your taste in dark chocolate, then Mitchell's Claret is your match made in heaven!

Available here from Mitchell & Son's €12.75



Ruby port pairs best with milk chocolate, Graham’s 10 Year Old has a deep tawny and polished copper colour. Complex aromas combined with hints of honey and figs to compliment the perfect velvety milk chocolate. Embark on a flavour adventure with Ruby port, the perfect companion to velvety milk chocolate.

Graham’s 10 Year Old boasts a deep tawny hue and polished copper colour, with complex aromas of honey and figs.

Available here from Mitchell & Son's €37.95


Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wines are perfect with white chocolate because of the absence of the overwhelming cocoa powder. This creamy chocolate will bring out the aromas of fruit and flowers. We've selected a gorgeous Italian Prosecco from Aldi, Prosecco Spumante Doc Costellore to complement the creamy notes of white chocolate.


Available here from Aldi €12.99


 Remember to drink responsibly and enjoy!

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